AdBlue® as environmentally-friendly product

With the generally growing environmental awareness a demand for eco technologies appears more often – the AdBlue® is one of those. The power of the AdBlue® is the conversion of the harmful nitrogen oxides from diesel engines into environmentally-friendly nitrogen and steam. Oxonn Minerals as ecologically aware AdBlue® supplier pays very special attention to conservation nowadays. We help to educate how to live in harmony with nature.

The AdBlue® is a non hazardous material in accordance with EU-guidelines, but there are some simple rules regarding how to handle the product, that are worth to know about:

  • Protect the AdBlue® from the solar irradiance and extreme temperatures
  • After contact with skin, wash the skin with water
  • Do not mix the AdBlue® with any other fluid
  • Keep the AdBlue® equipment always  clean
  • In case you accidentaly spilled the fluid,  wash the surface with water
  • Clean the AdBlue® accessories with deionized water
  • Do not confuse the AdBlue® tank with diesel tank
  • Do not replace AdBlue® with any other urea solution